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Board of Directors

3 Maria Kang is Founder and President of Fitness without Borders. Her extensive fitness background spans a period of over fourteen years as a personal trainer, group exercise director, fitness manager, freelance writer, fitness blogger and social entrepreneur. She graduated with 2 Bachelor Degrees in History, International Relations and a minor in Political Science from UC Davis and has traveled to over 15 countries.
2 Joseph Freschi is the former Executive Vice President & General Counsel for Planet Fitness and World Gym where he is responsible for advising management on legal issues impacting business operations. He comes from 24 Hour Fitness after nine years, where he played an integral role in building and developing the legal department. Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s degree in Public Policy and a Juris Doctor degree in Law all from the University of California, Los Angeles.
6 Stephanie Quok has over 10 years of experience working in the fields of child care and social work.  She graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Stephanie enjoys endurance sports and is constantly training for her next marathon or triathlon.
4 Dan Thompson is the creator of the first fitness board game, “No Sweat” and a past elected City Council member for Sacramento. For the last 30 years he has worked with disadvantaged young people in the Sacramento County. He is currently active in the Sacramento Boy’s Ranch, Sacramento Juvenile Detention Facility, Warren E. Thornton’s Youth Facility and Sacramento’s Assessment Center. In his role as Chaplain he mentors and spiritually coaches over 550 young adults at any given time.
7 Since 2000, Rodney Black has been the Health TECH teacher and Health Department chair at Valley High School. He is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Guyana where he worked as a Community Health Educator/Community Developer. He graduated in Criminal Justice from the California State University, Sacramento in 1994 and has competed in one body building show, the “Napa-Solano” in ’92.
2 Mccain Crow, creator of Team AWESOME, is a husband, father, business owner and fitness enthusiast. Born in Roseville, as a kid McCain enjoyed baseball, basketball and tennis. However, when he left to study Psychology and Social Behavior at U.C. Irvine in 1995, his weight ballooned from 145lbs to 175lbs. He started running in 2008 and finished his first marathon in Napa Valley in 2009. While training in the Auburn Hills for the Sierra Nevada Endurance run, McCain, his training partner Stan and Mary thought of creating “Team AWESOME.” Team AWESOME is a team comprising of adults and kids who create strides in their personal fitness and work together to build health awareness and fitness education to their communities. Some of their projects include their annual Jog-a-thon and sponsored team races.