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Fitness without Borders was founded in 2007 by Maria Kang, a woman who was raised on McDonalds, never played a sport, experienced every diet, underwent an eating disorder and was raised by a ‘fitness challenged’ mother.

In an effort to be healthy, she volunteered as an aerobics instructor in high school, became a personal trainer in college, a fitness manager and group exercise director post-college followed by a career as a project coordinator responsible for marketing and opening a new line of gyms for 24 Hour Fitness. After years of learning how to motivate communities, operate facilities and market to the masses, at 26 she decided to take on an entrepreneurial effort and create a nonprofit that catered to overweight kids and the total family unit.

FWB was founded on the principle that an educated and motivated community raises a fit child. All of us grew up within a social network and FWB’s goal is to define those leaders and inspire them to promote change and community action. The term “without borders” symbolizes several things. It represents the limitless people we serve, for it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you do…obesity affects everyone. It also signifies the invisible definition of what ‘being fit’ really is, for your size and body development depends on your genetics and personal background. Everyone is beautiful – our goal is to help other’s re-discover the beauty within them.
God Bless.