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No Excuse Kids

No Excuse Kid is a free elementary school program taught by parent volunteers and community professionals targeting children ages 5-12 yrs old. The children are taken through an 8-10 week program where they meet 1-3 times a week and are taught good nutrition, healthy choices and physical activity. Our goal is to empower families in creating no-excuse-ways to be healthy and incorporate exercise and good nutrition daily. If you are interested in starting a NEK program at your school, please email us at: noexcusekids@gmail.com

Things they will learn in these courses:
– how the body works
– how real food is made
– how to read food labels
– how food is used as fuel
– how to become faster, stronger and more flexible

Example of Activities include:
– bean bag relays
– gardening

Some exercises include:
– Fun exercise: crawl like a bear, jump like a frog, run like a cheetah
– Traditional exercises: wall pushups, sit and reach, jumping jacks
– Trendy exercises: yoga, pilates, dance, kickboxing

We also provide homework for them to take home so they can engage with their parents:
– Color the Rainbow with fruits and vegetables
– Food graph
– 8 week goal calendar

Our goal is to instill a collaborative effort between students, teachers and parents to engage in fitness activities to improve overall health and physical fitness standards. Our objective is to provide  students an opportunity to increase their state’s physical fitness tests in strength, endurance and flexibility through after school programs, nutritional workshops and parental participation. This program is usually funded by federal grants foundations and is currently active only in Maryland and operated by Kate Cole.

Special guests such as athletes, nurses, doctors, fitness professionals and chefs come to teach the kids about their profession in the health and fitness field.

Kids are taught the importance of movement and to appreciate their body for what it is capable of doing.

Kate Cole, of Jessup Maryland, leads the first No Excuse Kid group at her children’s elementary school starting February 17, 2015.