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Our programs are geared to promote fitness education, instill healthy habits and unite communities.

•TRI(y!) Fitness 4 kids
•MOM-ME! Fit Club
•C.O.R.E. Clubs
•Fitness Field Trips
•Donated Sports Equipment

TRI(y!) Fitness 4 kids is our signature program and sends a unique, proactive message to our community role models including parents, teachers, principals and pastors to be leading examples. Besides utilizing ‘3’ as the instructive number in our fitness programs, our name also insists that everyone become healthy role models and ‘try fitness’ for the kids.

Our Three Initiatives target the following three modules:
– Three Community Players
– Three Fitness Components
– Three Healthy Food Ingredients

Our goal is to instill a collaborative effort between students, teachers and parents to engage in fitness activities to improve overall health and physical fitness standards. Our objective is to provide 250-300 students an opportunity to increase their state’s physical fitness tests in strength, endurance and flexibility through before school programs, nutritional workshops and parental participation in FWB’s Leadership Academy. This program is funded by federal grants foundations and is currently active only in the Sacramento region.

C.O.R.E. Clubs: C.O.R.E. stands for “Coalition of REAL ENERGY”. This is a play off of the Law of Thermodynamics, in which the key to weight loss is calories in and calories out. Real Energy is not found in a magic pill or cup of coffee, real energy is inside all of us and is created through action. Our “Core” is also the foundation of our body’s strength. This is the arena where all strength derives from. Our C.O.R.E. club is a high school fitness club, in which we help foster an unintimidating, support environment for students of all athletic levels. We help program events, assist in grant-making/fundraising, and support students who need mentorships and fitness guidance.

Family Transformation Program: FWB understands that in order to make long-term change, it’s vital to target the home environment. In this program, families commit to a 60-day, educational and exercise intensive boot camp. This has been FWB’s most successful program so far, with many working out together and making fitness strides as a family. This program usually begins in early January, when momentum to achieve fitness goals are high. A fitness instructor meets with the group once a week and an assistant works with their diet and exercise planning throughout the week.

Donated Sports Equipment: FWB donates sports equipment and fitness/nutrition books to community sports/fitness programs where the youth lack resources and the financial support base to gain access to athletic supplies.

1 (800) 348-5813 :: info@fitnesswithoutborders.org