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Transformation 1

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Duc-Huy Nguyen is 15 years of age, boasts a 4.73 GPA and is the first president of the first C.O.R.E. club at Valley High School. Her goal in starting the club was to create an environment where students can hang out and be healthy at the same time. Instead of watching television or engaging in crime related activities after school, Duc-Huy wanted a place where motivation, friendship, fitness and health education was the priority.

Since the club began I can see change in myself, as well as my friends. We actually want to do physical activities and we look forward to working out rather than seeing it as a chore. We are also choosing to eat healthier as well, choosing the salad over the pizza or drinking water instead of soda. Personally, I know it helps me deal with my stress.

I think with this club, our students have been able to see that they aren’t the only ones that feel like they want to be healthy. Before this, it was something that wasn’t talked about because everyone felt uncomfortable discussing their self image problems or just self esteem in general. Now that we have seen “the white elephant in the room”, we can get past it and actually do something about it. and i think that is the biggest change. We are seeing our problem head on and dealing with it, rather than beating around the bush and pretending it’s not there.”

After Duc-Huy graduates high school, she wants to pursue a Biological Science degree at Stanford University. She hopes to attend Medical School and receive her MD/PhD and eventually open her own practice. Her goal as a future doctor  would be to utilize her influence to help people lead a healthier life. Later on, she desires to receive her teaching credential. “I think teachers are truly the most influential people in the world because they shape our future. They are the ones that educate our children and I think the work they do is incredibly under-recognized.”