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Transformation 2

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Tracy Green’s Mother and Daughter Transformation

The parent transformation program has changed several things in my life and my daughter’s life.  The obvious being the weight lost and the loss of inches off my entire body.  But that’s not what I’m most proud of.  We have begun a total lifestyle change that is the hardest work I’ve done in the last 12 years.  Transforming, I think we have begun and hopefully will continue to do in our journey to become healthy physically, emotionally, and socially.

For the past 4 years, since Kayla was 8 years old I have been looking for a  weight loss program/gym for children.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time and resources to put Kayla into sports programs where there would be practice after school and games on the weekends because I am single parent, own my own business with nontraditional work hours, and I was the care giver for both of my parents in their 80’s.  I searched the Internet, joined curves gym then California Family Fitness, saw nutritionist at Kaiser and UC Davis, purchased food from Nutri-system, enrolled at My Gym for several months, and last I paid Kayla’s 6th grade teacher to workout with her for one hour every morning before school.  None of these things were effective and I felt isolated and defeated and I was scared about what was happening to Kayla’s young body.  People stared at Kayla because of her size and people in our lives continued to talk about their personal battles with food and weight issues, even when it was obvious they had no real problem, in an attempt to have me talk about myself an Kayla and what, if anything I was doing to stop her from gaining more weight.  No one knows how bad that always made me feel even though I was trying to do something about it.  Then, at the start of this school year I received an answer to a long awaited prayer, Tri-Fitness 4 Falcons.  And as an added bonus, the Parent Transformation Program.  Someone, somewhere, loves me.

I lost 16 lbs and I feel marvelous.  I have a lot more to go, but I’m no longer a quitter.  Maria said, “Quitting is not an option” and I believed her and felt her sincere conviction to help us reach our goals whatever they were.  I no longer allow my daughter to quit either. Being held accountable each week by submitting my food logs and being weighted helped keep me focused and determined.  And we showed up for every class  except for the weekend after the passing of my mother.  Emily is Kayla’s trainer now for one extra hour per week, which is doing wonders for her physically and mentally and we have plans to take swimming lessons and continue with the personal trainer through the summer .  I’ve learned how to eat,  how to exercise, and how to ask for help.    
I’ve learned how to eat because I’ve learned how to shop, thanks to a field trip I went on with the Fitness 4 Falcons class.  When I’m done shopping and Kayla and I are on our way to the check out, we discuss how we no longer shops down the aisles but how most of what we shop for now is located around the perimeter of the store.  Actually, we still have to go down for a few isles for items such as rice, cereal and spices.  Now  I’m proud to put my items on the counter, unlike before when I felt like people were thinking, “no wonder they’re fat”.  Wow, just writing what I use to feel is so liberating.

I remember our first workout on University Ave.  It was really hard and I tried my best because I had to show Kayla that if I could do it, she could do it.  I was last in every activity every week, but I said to myself it didn’t matter as long as I finished.  In the beginning I told Maria I used energy and cola drinks to get me through my work and that I had to have them.  Within a couple of weeks I no longer needed either.  What  I discovered was that if I did a hour workout before work I felt awake and fully energized.  It was simply amazing!

Being overweight takes its toll on you emotionally.  Emily, who loves to exercise and never seems to run out of things to teach us, will unselfishly give more of her time after class is over to explain something to a group of people or an individual for as long as it takes.  For example, we were discussing my daughter’s eating habits and out of that conversation I sought out counseling for my daughter.  She is currently in counseling once per week in order to find out what’s causing her to eat when she’s not hungry.  Another contribution to me and my family from the program. Learning what drives our motivation to eat and learning how to change it will save our lives.  At the start Kayla and I could not have a productive conversation about food or exercise without her being in tears or me being frustrated and angry at her as well as myself.  Emily left the door open for Kayla to call her anytime with issues regarding the same.  What we discovered is that we are able to discuss our issues amongst ourselves, with less tears and frustration, because we now have tools (information) to use in our talks.  It also helped that Emily had a talk with Kayla explaining that I’m trying to help her and that she needed to show me more respect.  Kayla came to me with a sincere apology and I’m grateful to Emily for it.  Hallelujah, we are now communicating and learning from each other.

When I started this program my smiles didn’t come from my heart, they came from being nervous and scared and ashamed.  Now I believe my smile reaches my whole being.  People tell me I’m looking good and people want to talk to me.  I realized it was all of my junk that was so unattractive and people saw right through it.  I’m not avoiding seeing old friends anymore and I’ve gone on 2 dates since the weight loss which has given me the motivation to keep working towards my goal of total weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

My life has been transformed.  I’m losing weight and I feel great! Losing weight is great but gaining confidence and feeling healthy and knowing how to continue on for the rest of our lives is invaluable.  My life has been transformed physically, emotionally, and socially.  Whoever designed this program alongside the Tri-Fitness 4 Falcons program added years to our lives.  In order to transform our children, we as parents must first be transformed.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Who needs Jamie Oliver when you got Maria and Emily and the Tri-Fitness 4 Falcons along with the Parent Transformation Program.  This program has the potential to transform our community, district, county, state…

Tracy Green-Taylor