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Transformation 3

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Steven Cudworth’s Parent Transformation

From the very first night that we met I learned a great deal.  I wrote my goal to lose 25 lbs. by the end of the program, I learned that 3500 calories is equal to 1 lb and I also learned that one can increase their metabolism by eating more small meals during the day rather than 3 big meals each day.  The one thing I took to heart that Maria said that first night was “Take Action,” that is what I have done.  I took action first by changing my diet (with Maria’s guidance) and journaling daily everything I ate, I lost 11 pounds in the first two weeks.  Secondly I took action by going to the “boot camp” where I learned (through Emily) how to effectively exercise and about nutrition.  The work-outs were very challenging and I enjoyed how Emily would teach us exercise techniques and about how the body works as we were working out.

What I have changed in my life is how much and what I eat.  I feel that for the first time in life I am in control of that.  I eat healthier food and not as much as I used to, I feel better for it!  Also, I have become regularly active, in that I exercise 3-4 times per week.  I will continue to journal daily what I eat which will help keep me accountable for what I’m eating.  This program has helped me to realize another goal of being able to run with my two sons, as they run on the cross country teams for the schools they attend and I can almost keep up with them now.

Since joining this program and taking action on improving my health, the impact on my family and friends has been very positive.  We have all changed the way we eat and even how we buy groceries.  I have inspired 3 of my sisters and my mom to eat healthier and to start exercising.  I walk 2-3 times every week for three miles with two of my good friends who are trying harder to lose weight and exercise more.  As a result of this program I am planning to train and run the California International Marathon at the end of this year.  I have the energy and confidence I need to accomplish this and my thanks goes to Maria and Emily for this.

Maria and Emily are a great team!  The education they provided in the past few months have been invaluable to me.  I would have never reached my 25 lb. goal in such a short time without them.  I will take what I have learned these past 12 weeks to help others achieve their goals of healthier living by living a good example.